Why Choose a Lifetime Bunkhouse?

Quality Construction

Lifetime bunkhouses are the only bunkhouses on the market built to survive the year round abuse of the amusement industry and last a lifetime. By building an all aluminum body on top of a steel frame, we construct a bunkhouse trailer that is lightweight and low maintenance, as well as strong and durable.

The upper and interior structure of every Lifetime bunkhouse is fabricated of aluminum tubing with .050 baked on aluminum interior and exterior skin for lightweight durability that lasts a lifetime.  We put this high-quality body on top of a heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel frame and heavy-duty axles for quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Every part in a Lifetime bunkhouse is of the highest quality:  from jack stands, to tires, to axles, to steps, to air conditioners, and on and on.

Easy To Maintain

The same quality construction that makes Lifetime bunkhouses last a lifetime also makes them easy to maintain. With smooth, white, corrosion-proof aluminum skin inside and out, cleaning is easy with soap and water. There is even a drain in the floor of every room for easy drainage after cleaning.

The walls, floor and ceiling of each individual room are covered with smooth, white, corrosion-proof aluminum skin.  The beds, shelving, and ladders are constructed of heavy-duty, durable, corrosion-proof aluminum tubing.  These smooth, corrosion-resistant surfaces allow for easy cleaning with soap and water.  There is even drain in the floor of every room for easy drainage after cleaning!

Crisp, clean, white interior walls allow your employees to choose their own décor— unlike the competitors bunkhouses with outdated patterned wallpaper and cheap vinyl flooring — and for easy cleanup anytime.

Best Value

Buy a Lifetime bunkhouse and forget about spending more money every few years on a new bunkhouse. The heavy duty construction of a Lifetime bunkhouse will outlast any bunkhouse built by our competitors, making it, hands-down, the better value.

The value of buying a Lifetime bunkhouse is evident immediately.  While lower quality bunkhouses barely make it through their first season without severe wear and tear, Lifetime bunkhouses are literally made to last a lifetime.  The steel frame and aluminum exterior stand up to the abusive conditions of constant road travel, weather, and employee use.

Customized for Your Business

Lifetime bunkhouses can be made to suit your needs and specifications.  Contact us to find out how we can build a Lifetime bunkhouse to perfectly fit into your operation.