On the Road…

During his recent road trip to see Lifetime customers, Gary took in some interesting sights:  units built by Otterbacher Mfg. years ago that look as great now as they did then!

Gary met with Mike Lis at the Ohio State Fair and talked about his Wild Bill’s Curly Fries trailer that’s still going strong after seventeen years — that’s right, it’s been on the road for 17  years!


Mike shared with Gary how much success he’s had with the unit.  With such a great looking trailer, and of course his delicious curly fries, Mike plays some of the biggest fairs in the country and earns a substantial profit.  In addition to The Ohio State Fair, Mike plays the Miami-Dade County Fair in Miami, The Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts, and a number of other money-making spots.

Gary also stopped by the Indiana State Fair during his trip and was welcomed with the sign he built for the fairgrounds’ midway more than twenty years ago.  How about that for being built to last!