Why Lifetime Uses Aluminum Inside and Out

Lifetime bunkhouses are the only bunkhouses built to stand up to a lifetime of use in the amusement industry.  Why?  Aluminum.  Aluminum is both lightweight and strong.  It’s versatile, beautiful, clean, and corrosion-resistant.  So, all the aluminum in your Lifetime Bunkhouse makes it look great, lightweight, and easy to maintain.  And most of all, it has the durability to last a lifetime!     

So how much aluminum goes into each Lifetime bunkhouse?  

The Frame  Every Lifetime frame is constructed of aluminum tubing atop a heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel frame so that it is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

Interior Walls  Bright white aluminum lines every room’s walls, keeping them clean and free from damage over years of heavy wear and tear.

Double Bunk Room

Room Features   The following room features are constructed of aluminum:

  • Bunk beds and ladder
  • Shelving unit and clothing bar
  • Electrical tower with armored receptacle


Compare all that to our competitors who keep their costs down with inferior materials like plywood and fiberglass so that you end up buying a new bunkhouse from them every few years!

Rest assured, with Lifetime bunkhouse you will be getting not only the best quality, but the best value, which will continue paying off for years to come.

So while our competitors are using inferior materials like plywood and fiberglass, you can rest assured you will get the best value by choosing a Lifetime bunkhouse.  

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